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"May I never stop being amazed by you, God."

This was my prayer last night, and it continues to spill from my heart today. Full disclosure, this post has no point other than to share my amazement of God. May we never stop being amazed by Him.

The God who split the seas not once but twice.

The God who gave a blind man the ability to see.

The God who raised a man from the dead.

The God who healed a woman with a single touch of Jesus's clothes.

The God who felled the walls of Jericho with trumpets and a loud shout.

The God who defeated death itself.

The God who knows my name.

The God who knows your name.

The God who longs to be gracious to us.

The God who sees our brokenness and who we are created to be.

The God who speaks in stillness and in storms.

The God who provides for our every need.

The God who rescues, who redeems, and who restores.

The God who created the entire universe, down to the ants that find their way into my kitchen.

The God who not only loves but is love himself.

Most recently, I'm amazed by the God who gave me the passion and perseverance to write a book. I'm amazed by the people He has placed in my life to help me along the way. I'm amazed that He chose me for this before I ever picked up a pen. I'm amazed that before the year is up I will have published a book for the world to read and for God to use.

Y'all, there are infinite reasons to be amazed by an infinite God. We can be amazed by God himself, by the miracles He has shown us through His word, by the miracles He invites us to be a part of, by the plan that has been unfolding in our lives, by the promises He has given to us that will not once return void.

Have you been amazed by God lately? What was it that amazed you? Was it a situation? Was it a Biblical event? Was it a miracle you've seen with your very eyes? Was it a characteristic of God that become personal to you?

Write it down. Keep it close. May we never stop being amazed by God.


Stay tuned (AKA-subscribe below) for updates on my very first book releasing in 2020:

Growing Up: Navigating Life Between the Office and the Altar


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